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Introducing PDFNetJS: A Complete Browser-Side PDF Viewer and Editor


The WEB is taking over (obviously)

On desktop computers, web apps continue to replace activities that were previously fulfilled by Windows/Mac/Linux programs. The advantages are many: web apps are immediately available on every connected computer; the user doesn’t need to download and install something; they instantly update and they’re cross-platform. That they naturally lend themselves to a subscription model is yet another reason that companies are choosing to develop web apps in favor of a traditional desktop program.

However, web apps have historically had a number of shortcomings. An inability to deal with local files (without long uploads). Multimedia required securitychallenged plugins. And they couldn’t display PDF files. Continue reading

Mobile Cross-Platform PDF Viewers: Options for Android, iOS, Windows Store (UWP) Apps

The rise of mobile platforms, each with its own native programming language and API, has created new demand for cross-platform development tools and SDKs. To display a PDF, most cross-platform toolkits offer either a C++ interface (which do not provide a native UI component) or might be a simple PDF-to-image style solution. In this post, we will outline some better options for handling PDFs in a cross-platform manner on mobile devices.

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How To Integrate a PDF Viewer into HTML5 Apps

HTML5 apps offer many of advantages over native ones. Web apps are

  • Naturally cross-platform: develop once, run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and everything else.
  • Easy to update the app for everyone, immediately.
  • Do not have to go through Apple or Google to access customers (but you still can by embedding it into a native shell app)

But web apps suffer one big problem, and that’s the user experience.

Today, in 2013, even the best-crafted mobile web apps come nowhere near the quality of experience of the best native apps. In fact, with but a few exceptions, the best mobile web apps today still don’t approach the quality of the first batch of native iPhone apps from 2007.

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

One area of the user experience where HTML5 apps have been historically weak is in their ability to display a PDF within the app. For a long time, “viewing” a PDF on the web meant downloading it, and opening it in a different program. Next came browser PDF plugins, that would take over the browser screen in order to display the PDF. A small improvement, but still not integrated and certainly not a good user experience.

So, if the goal is to integrate PDF viewing into a web app, how can that be done? There are a number of approaches, each with pros and cons. Keep reading to see what techniques exist, and which might be best for your app.

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