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Cross-Platform Word to PDF Conversion

View and Convert Microsoft Word Documents Anywhere

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to PDFNet SDK: built-in Word conversion.  Now you can go straight from .docx to .pdf,  free from the shackles of Microsoft Word or any other 3rd party software.  Conversions are accurate and fast; they also work on any platform supported by PDFNet SDK  (and there are a lot of them! see the SDK download page for more details).

docx. It took a long time to get the text to flow around shapes correctly in the docx engine.

Dependency-free Word conversion enables a couple of great use cases: you can  perform reliable conversions in a server environment, or pair it with our PDF Viewer for seamless viewing of .docx files on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone/RT.

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Mobile Cross-Platform PDF Viewers: Options for Android, iOS, Windows Store (UWP) Apps

The rise of mobile platforms, each with its own native programming language and API, has created new demand for cross-platform development tools and SDKs. To display a PDF, most cross-platform toolkits offer either a C++ interface (which do not provide a native UI component) or might be a simple PDF-to-image style solution. In this post, we will outline some better options for handling PDFs in a cross-platform manner on mobile devices.

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