PDF Day in Washington DC and New York City

PDFTron would like to invite you to join us at PDF Day. Hosted in Washington, DC on December 10, 2014 and New York City on December 11, 2014, the event will provide CIOs, IT executives, content strategists and document management vendors the big picture on PDF technology – not sales pitches – from top developers in the space.

We are a volunteer organizer and sponsor of the event, and will present a session ‘Collaborating with PDF’. We will explore some of the challenges and benefits of enabling secure, browser-based collaboration on documents, including PDF viewing, annotation, and other key features that allow users and groups to work collaboratively on the same PDF at the same time. This approach is presented as an efficient alternative to the conventional method of editing and sending email attachments. The session will be based on the expertise we’ve gained from the development and support of our WebViewer SDK, which enables universal document viewing, annotation, collaboration and processing on the web and across platforms.

Sound Interesting? You can find all the details on the event and other sessions using the links below:

Washington, DC (December 10th): http://www.pdfa.org/event/pdf-day-in-washington-dc-december-10/
New York City (December 11th): http://www.pdfa.org/event/2014-december-11-is-pdf-day-in-new-york-city/

Promo code: As a sponsor we’d like to invite you to register with our 50% promo code AT-PDF-DAY-THANKS-TO-PDFTRON

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